IndigenousCoin (IDC)

IndigenousCoin is a Sovereign First Nations’ infrastructure project that utilizes blockchain technology to build the Body Politic Infrastructure for Indigenous Peoples. Our blockchain’s goal is to rebuild an Indigenous controlled cooperative economic system that is based on a P2P (Peer-to-peer) ecosystem.

Our Road Map

Why Blockchain? What is Blockchain?

Wikipedia Sourced:

  • Blockchain digital ledger in which transactions made in bitcoin or another cryptocurrency are recorded chronologically and publicly,
  • Cryptocurrency – a medium of exchange that uses cryptography to secure its transactions,
  • Smart contract is a computer protocol intended to digitally facilitate, verify, or enforce the negotiation or performance of a contract
  • Layer 2 solutions because they are built “on top of” (building a blockchain on another blockchain)
  • Decentralization – Decentralization is the process of distributing or dispersing functions, powers, people or things away from a central location or authority.

Blockchain technology is the foundation that would allow us to reestablish our economic resources. If we sow seeds in an Israel backed blockchain it would act as a faithful servant bringing forth stability for our future. As we begin to form our nation’s infrastructure, the inherent economic significance in using blockchain technology will be clear. There is a myriad of applications that we will be able to incorporate in our blockchain like, financial transactions, legal contracts, verification devices, and even voting systems; direct, decentralized, and secure to each other.

Having our own crypto coin kills multiple birds with one stone. First and most importantly, it is the solution to our nation not having the infrastructure we need in order to build our economy. Two, the underlying technology called the blockchain has properties that we desperately need, including but not limited to, security, transparency, decentralization, P2P, private communication, Smart Contracts, Layer 2 DAP foundations etc.

Imagine having a system/software/application everywhere all the time that the government wouldn’t be able to turn off or take down. The big bankers wouldn’t be able to pay off people to corrupt it. Google, Youtube, and Facebook wouldn’t be able to mute it. This system wouldn’t belong to any country or land mass, just the 12 tribes.

Cooperative Economics = Grassroots Change

“We need some African power, some great center of the race where our physical, pecuniary and intellectual strength may be collected” (Blyden, 2012)

With the right resources the lost sons, and daughters of Israel can become a fisher of men, delivering our brothers and sisters out of damnation. Self-sustainability of our nation is imperative, other nations have been masters of deception and scientist of systemic supremacy.

If it’s systematic oppression fuels white privilege then only systematic change will fix systemic racism! With grassroots efforts, we are as fragmented as we are a nation-state. It is the time we come together uniting our efforts and resources with Co-Operation grassroots efforts. Co-Operation in block-chain technology can afford us resources of large corporations.

Let’s take a look at cooperative economics, pecuniary and intellectual strength. When we understand the words used in this statement from a Legal doctrine, we can better understand what needs to be built.

The legal and Etymological definitions…

  • Nation the legal definition is a Race of people,
  • State the legal definition is the political system of a body of people who are organized,
  • Sovereign – A person, body, or state in which independent and supreme authority is vested,
  • Sovereign people – the political body of citizens to accomplish the legitimate ends and purposes of government,
  • System-matic or System-ics – Orderly combination of arrangement, as of particulars, parts or elements into a whole organized plan;  ics suffix – refer to an area of study, science, or profession
  • Co-operative Economics – To act jointly or concurrently toward a common end, organized for purpose of rendering economic services, business that is owned by its customers
  • Treaty – A COMPACT MADE BETWEEN TWO OR MORE INDEPENDENT NATIONS, a treaty is not only a law but also a contract between two nations
  • Proclaim/Proclamation – To publish, by governmental authority intelligence of public acts or transactions; issued by proper authority (President, Governor, Mayor)

These words when put together correctly spell change for our people and our community. At the highest levels of our government, we were given the tools to both understand our nationality and proclaim our Nation. With the delivery of President Obama’s right of indigenous persons to the Americas and the cooperative efforts of his chief of staff Rahm Israel Emanuel, it was expressed that we are indeed a Sovereign people. That with the aforementioned we can conclude that we (the 12 Tribes) are a Nation State that has been systemically oppressed so that we would forget this fact.

With Obama’s “Crowdfunding” rule, it possible for entrepreneurs across the country to raise small-dollar investments from citizens. This act makes it possible for us to establish cooperative economics. With the distributed nature of Block-chain technology, we can share resources and money in our community to secure the future of the next generation. Co-op technology like Block-chain makes it possible to fight institutional inequality.

If you are a developer

Participate in our project, contact our team to begin developing, or view our whitepaper.

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This coin will be offered under the jurisdiction of Indigenous nations. The coins initial offering is not a forward-looking investment package but sold as a utility that will drive the decentralized system of Indigenous nations. We will use this system as a bridge between tribes and a collective contractual instrument.


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